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Head Office

i). Mrs. Sabita Halder

Designation : Deputy General Manager
Telephone : 02-9557958, 9555151-9/2425, 01718643104
Fax: 88-02-9562061
Email :,


Designation : Assistant General Manager
Telephone : 02-9515032, 9555151-9/2494, 01712550005
Fax: 88-02-9562061
Email :,


Designation : Principal Officer
Telephone : 02-9515032, 9555151-9/2521, 01715130510
Fax: 88-02-9562061
Email :,

The functions of Central Customer Service & Complaint Management Cell (CCS & CMC) Of Bangladesh Development Bank Limited are as follows:

  • To deal and settle with the complaints received directly from customers, Zonal Customer Service & Complaints Management Cell (ZCS & CMC)/ Branch Level Customer Service & Complaints Management Desk (BLCS & CMD) or received through Bangladesh Bank.
  • To monitor/supervise the overall activities and performances of the ZCS & CMC.
  • To maintain correspondence and respond duly and timely to the letters of Bangladesh Bank. The complaints received from the concerned departments, this cell collect required information and after proper scrutiny send it to Bangladesh Bank.
  • To maintain a Register of complaints received from customers directly, through BLCS & CMD and ZCS & CMC.
  • Any kind of change or revision in the policy if required that has to be done by taking approval from the competent authority of the Bank.
  • To comply with and implement the instruction/decision of Bangladesh Bank and
  • To submit monthly/quarterly statement/reports to Bangladesh Bank by showing the status of settled or unsettled complaints in the prescribed format through webportal.