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Corespondent Banking

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We are maintaining correspondent banking relationship with international Bank around 100 Countries in different strategic location worldwide to ensure the best & steadfast trade services. Presently we have 5 Nostro Accounts in different Major Currencies like USD, GBP, EURO & ACU Dollar with Various World reputed Bank.

As we have wider Correspondent Network with sustainable Credit limit & good relationship Globally, we can provide the following Services smoothly:

  • L/C Advising
  • L/C Confirmation
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Purchasing/Discounting/Negotiating of export bills
  • Trade payment settlement
  • Cash Letter Services
  • Foreign Remittance

Our main Correspondent Banks are:

Standard Chartered Bank(New York), Dresdner Bank AG (London), BHF Bank AG (Germany), Sonali Bank Ltd (India).