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Last updated: 30th June 2022

Fixed Deposit Receipts

Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Account offers the customers the opportunity to invest a fixed amount for a fixed period at a fixed rate of interest. The customers have the option to re-invest their funds both principal amount and interest amount on maturity or principal amount and the interest amount being paid into their SB or CD accounts.
=>Features and Benefits:
    =>Money can grow with attractive interest rate with flexible tenure.
     =>Automatic renewal facility at maturity.
    =>Loan facility against FDR Account to meet urgent financial needs.
    =>Premature closure facility is available at the prevailing savings rate (Conditions Apply).

=>Attractive Rate of Interest.
=>Applicants must satisfy the following documentation requirements:
        =>Photocopy of Citizenship Certificate / Passport / National I.D/ Driving License.
        =>Two copies of recent passport size photograph duly attested by the introducer.
        =>Cheque or Cash deposit;
        =>Photograph of Nominee. In case of minor nominee, a copy of the birth certificate and photograph required;
        =>Personal Information Form.
        =>KYC Form.
        =>TIN Certificate.
        =>Single/Joint A/C can be open.